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Three Movies a Day

Elke Barbara Bachler

When I did my CPSiM lecture for the first time, I was asked how many movies I watch in a week. My answer was: “I guess it’s easier to say per day – and I’d say it’s three.”

That got me thinking. I *do* live in a world of stories. We had loads of books in our household. Reading became my second nature. I’m the kind of person who starts and ends the day with reading. And, well … since I was five I wanted to become a storyteller.

We also had story LPs – yes, that was a thing – which I listened to constantly. Maybe that’s why I’m still more into listening than watching. As I am sitting here, writing this, I am listening to “The Child in Time” with Benedict Cumberbatch. Guess I prefer to do my brain filling in the pictures – like with reading.

So … I guess my love for stories and storytelling is one hell of an asset in scenario planning.

The fine thing is – that kind of thinking can be trained. It is very helpful in analysing tasks, evaluating opportunities and risks, creating strategies and roadmaps.

And whenever I come across interesting problem-solving stories or metaphors, I take notes for my lecture tour. Here’s a tip – watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. That’s quite something.

Creative Problem-Solving in Movies (Film Projector)

BTW, if you’d like to organise a lecture on Creative Problem-Solving in Movies, let me know. It is perfect as an in-house incentive, but also for a bigger audience. I can do it in German and in English.

The perfect location would be a cinema come to think of it … any takers?