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Welcome to kreaWERFT – the creativity shipyard where ideas are made seaworthy.

What’s this about?

My website offers basic information concerning my work as facilitator, toolmaker, lecturer and writer. If you have technical or business tasks to solve and would like to try – or know more about – creative problem-solving methods, I’m there for you.

My method toolbox supports you in doing a thorough analysis of your task and the system you’re operating in. The next step is to define the right evaluation criteria for success, generate interesting ideas and choose the best ones. That done, we’ll talk about how to communicate and implement your solutions.

Simply write me a classic » e-mail to get in touch. Both in German and in English is welcome.

My services

Lecture tour

Creative Problem-Solving in Movies (Film Projector)

As I’m quite a film buff, I created a lecture on creative problem-solving, showing different examples with the help of movies. We did a first test run in Innsbruck and it worked quite well. So, I am working on planning some event dates in 2019. If you are interested in organising a lecture, let » me know.

A clear shout out and big thank you to the » Coworking Wundervoll  for hosting the test run lecture in December 2018 *thumbs up*

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