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  • Elke Barbara Bachler, Austria
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Welcome to kreaWERFT – the creativity shipyard where ideas are made seaworthy.

What’s this about?

My website offers basic information concerning my work as facilitator and toolmaker. If you have technical or business challenges to meet and would like to deploy creative problem-solving methods, I’m there for you. Especially when it comes to learning from nature.

Simply write me a classic » e-mail to get in touch. Both in German and in English is welcome.

Plus, if you are looking for support in communicating technical content or creating a sensible web page – that’s possible, too. I’m an engineer, and I’ve been into online communication for nearly 20 years now. That’s quite some experience at your disposal 😉

My services

Biognosis Tools

Biognosis Tools (pictures and drawings of boxfish, octopus, bee, lizard and seagull)

Are you looking for a pleasing and sensible give-away for your business partners, employees and/or customers? How about a Biognosis Toolbox, to train creative problem-solving, based on survival of the fittest strategies? From a minimum of 100 pieces up, order & branding possible. If you are interested, let » me know!

My diary