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The History

In 2011, I had a product idea. From 2018 to 2020, I refined the idea, doing research and crowdfunding campaigns to get to know the market.  The campaigns did not work out in terms of financing the product, yet I’ve learned a lot, and got to know a lot of cool people.


What is it? 

Basically, my Biognosis Toolbox supports your idea generation work. Its contents are based on different creative problem-solving methods – here are the three most influential ones: 

  • TRIZ … is short for the “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving” which is based on a thorough patent analysis and human ingenuity.  
  • Biognosis … a Greek word, combining bios – life and gnosis – insight. I use it as an umbrella term for learning from nature.
  • Trigger Picture Analysis … a method which uses our association capability. Looking at pictures, different thoughts come up. It is a bit like yoga for your mind – and it supports the solution finding process.

At the moment, there are six different product variants. 

There’s the Biognosis TRIZ Set which can be manufactured on demand from 100 pieces up, branding included. Forty inventive principles are depicted, using biological examples. It is made for people who are into TRIZ and already know a bit more about these principles.  

The Biognosis CATALYST Kit offers inspirational picture cards to deploy “survival of the fittest” strategies for tech, business and design. You do not need any special prior knowledge – just curiousity. 


The Biognosis KIDS Kit still needs some work. It is made for kids, teachers and parents – to learn about different living beings and how they meet their challenges. It’s got a more playful approach, to make learning fun. There are drawings involved, fable stories and dice 😉

The Biognosis CIP Set is still in concept phase and will be perfect for people who like quality and process management. It is made to support a continuous improvement process, hence the name. 

The Biognosis SDG Set is still in concept phase, too. It is based on the 17 sustainable development goals, and about applicable respectively descriptive strategies found in nature. 

While I created posting content for my » Instagram channel, different explanatory graphics evolved. It is quite a nice collection by now, and will make for a good graphics story book – the Biognosis Book, which I am working on from time to time. After finishing the children’s book with my daugther I am quite confident that this will be my first tangible Biognosis product – I just want to finish my master thesis in 2024 first. 

BTW, if you want to know more you are most welcome to head over to the website »