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Update 2020

If you are interested in bio-inspired creative problem-solving, you may want to have a look at my now running crowdfunding campaign on » Backers warmly welcome!

The History

Some years ago, I had a product idea. In 2018, I did two crowdfunding campaigns to pre-finance the creation and printing costs. Both campaigns didn’t work out, yet I learned a lot – it was definitely worth the try. The product’s fine. It just took some refinement, and customisation. 

Basically, my Biognosis Toolbox offers tangible tools to support your idea generation work. Its contents are based on different methods.

TRIZ … a Russian acronym for the “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving”, which is based on a thorough patent analysis and the knowledge that is to be found there.

Biognosis … a Greek word, combining bios – life and gnosis – insight. I use it as an umbrella term for the learning from nature.

Trigger Picture Analysis … a method which uses our association capability. Looking at pictures, different thoughts are coming up. They can be used for idea generation.


At the moment, there are four different product variants. There’s the Biognosis TRIZ Set, which can be manufactured on demand from 100 pieces up, branding included. It is made for people who are into TRIZ. You get a box with picture cards and an explanatory booklet, depicting the 40 Inventive Principles with biological examples. 

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Same goes for the Biognosis CATALYST Kit. Here you can find 40 inspirational examples for deploying “survival of the fittest” strategies in tech and business design. Instead of a booklet it comes with a manual; you do not need special prior knowledge – just curiousity. 


The Biognosis KIDS Kit needs a little bit more work still. It is made for kids, teachers and parents – to learn about different living beings and how they solve their challenges. It’s got a more playful approach, to make learning fun. There are drawings involved, fable stories and dice 😉

The Biognosis CIP Set is the newest variant and will be perfect for people who like quality and process management. It is made to support a continuous improvement process, hence the name. 

If you’d like to know more or are interested in ordering, shoot me a » message – both German & English is okay.  

P. S. There are two new Biognosis Tools in the making – a set for the 17 SDGs and an idea handbook.