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Imprint & Credits

On this page you find information about me and my entrepreneurial activities 2018-2020 according to Austrian law (§5 E-Commerce Gesetz, §14 Unternehmensgesetzbuch, §63 Gewerbeordnung) and the mandatory disclosure (§25 Mediengesetz). Please mind to refer to my  » disclaimer & privacy statement, too.

About the domain name

kreaWERFT’s my registered Austrian trademark (2008-2018). It is an artificial word, combining Kreativität / creativity with Werft / shipyard. It is the trademark which signifies my work.

Postal address

Ing. Elke Barbara Bachler, BSc.
MAIN: Eßling 13 in A-8934 Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen, Styria, Austria
SECONDARY: Oberer Markt 5/6 in A-3335 Weyer, Upper Austria, Austria

How to contact me

Mobile: +43 (0) 676 365 7554

Business purpose and business license location 2018-2020

Creative problem-solving coaching and IT services;
Westrandsiedlung 323/14 in A-8786 Rottenmann, Styria, Austria

Business license (idle since 2020-04-30 / deregistered with 2020-08-11)

  • Services in automated data handling and IT;
  • Member of the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO Steiermark, Sparte UBIT);
  • Regulatory authority / trade authority BH Liezen (Styria, Austria);
  • Job title: Coach & Designer;
  • Based in Austria;
  • My official listing on “Firmen A-Z” is under work (you can find me there, but it shows old data from 2008);
  • A download document of my terms and conditions is under work (always part of my offers and IT contracts);
  • VAT number: ATU62815948;

Credits Pictures / Icons / Fonts / Text Templates

  • Most pictures you see are taken by myself. All rights reserved.
  • Some pictures are taken from » (you can find me there, too) – for example, many Biognosis Tools pictures.
  • For my website, I use icons made by Monkik from »
  • Font “Lato” by  Łukasz Dziedzic » (website).
  • Font “Domine” by Impallari Type » (website).
  • Font “Passion One” by Fontstage » (memes).
  • Font “Underwood Champion” by Vic Fieger » (quotes).
  • Font “Syncopate” by Astigmatic » (biognosis memes).
  • Imprint and disclaimer template provided by » (created in cooperation with AboutBusiness).

Credits Coding

  • This website uses WordPress. Code is Poetry.
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kreaWERFT history:

I’ve been first self-employed under the name kreaWERFT from 2008 to 2012 in 8783 Gaishorn am See, Styria, Austria. I had two business licenses – for consulting in business management, marketing and technology as well as for IT services. As I started other jobs, both licenses were shut down in 2013 and deregistered in 2014. From May 2018 to May 2020 I was self-employed again, to further develop my “learning from nature” product line.