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  • Elke Barbara Bachler, Austria
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Selfie in Mattro Ziesel rear mirror, in the background the river Enns, Styria

I am a fan of electric vehicles. Therefore, I am very proud to support an Austrian company in communicating their unique rubber-tracked vehicles (throughout 2019). 

Electric rubber-tracked vehicles (c) Mattro

Mattro Bock & Mattro Ziesel (c) Mattro GmbH

If you want to see an example for my work in social media, please visit their » Instagram channel. The mosaic postings are a way to present more detailed tech & design information, bit by bit. Easy to digest, so to say. 

The excellent renderings are done by Mattro, in-house. Using them, I create the single pics to create a mosaic. The tech content is provided by the company – naturally. The wording is done by me. I did a lot of communication projects in my life, this one is again a personal highlight. 

If you are interested in such services – well, don’t hesitate to contact me.