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Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci (perfection and detail)

Yes, I am a stickler for details. I think it is important to care. The important thing is: care for the right things.

That’s where the problem-solving training kicks in – I can evaluate tasks and decide which one to focus on in detail very quickly, using a simple tool, the Eisenhower Matrix.

Eisenhower Matrix (urgency vs importance)

If you look it up you’ll find different interpretations – e. g. what to delegate and what to do by yourself. That’s another way to use it. In my work, the following decision mapping proved to be very practical:

As a rule, important tasks take more time. So you need to make time. I start with the quick fix task, because they’re normally not that time-consuming and it’s a good feeling to get something off your to-do-list. Then I switch to the important task and create the timeline for it – so that it doesn’t become urgent. Both things done, I focus exclusively on the task which is urgent and important.

We are talking about the right things being done right. That’s effective & efficient. Everything else is just being “busy” … and that’s not  worth your time and money. Therefore, you can really skip some tasks. Give it a try – it’s very rewarding.